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2009 and 2010 saw a great debate and battle to reform our healthcare system in the United States and it seems the argument goes on and on. The questions still remain: is the system really improved? Is the system really less expensive than before and many of the answers are “no” or “to be determined.”


Let me tell you about a friend of mine who was a successful businessman and owned his own business. Over a year ago he was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain tumor and surgery was performed and, at first, apparently successful. Unfortunately, the cancer returned and he has undergone over a year of radiation and chemotherapy.


As a small businessman, his private health insurance responded and he was not old enough for Medicare. The response was adequate in the early stages, but at the end the drugs used were so expensive that he went though all his reserves and is now filing for both corporate and private bankruptcy and is forced to sell his beautiful home which was extensively remodeled in the last couple of years.


It was the lack of response by insurance and government that has brought this proud man to his knees. He is so grateful for every day and he is a man of tremendous faith. Is this what healthcare reform means today, if so, there has been no improvement?


Expensive drugs like chemotherapy drugs, inhalers for asthma and COPD sufferers are paid at pennies on the dollar and they can bankrupt and destroy families. The American Institute of Ethics finds this unacceptable after all the turmoil that the healthcare debate caused in our Country. It would appear to us that it is still in need of fixing.


John Sequeira, President

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