Tolerance, the key to being ethical.

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Tolerance is something that is becoming less visible and practiced more infrequently than in past times. In recent weeks, a 14 year old committed suiced who was a student at a very prestigious and faith bases college preparatory school. Within one week there was a posting on the internet and perhaps other places that this was the price that Gays and Lesbians must pay for their behavior. This is just one example of where we are experiencing today. The alleged writers of this atrociaty were other students at the same school. Where do teenagers learn this type of hate? Where do teenagers learn to spew this type of garbage and hateful thinking? Is it possible that this type of talk, this type of thinking and activity might have driven this person to such destructive behavior?

We need to becom more aware of these incidents. This is a great example of dualistic behavior. If we think someone or some group or somc behavior is not something we like or approve of, we have a need to destroy it. If we disagree with someone, we can not accept their position without destroying it and possibley them. Because we believe, when we are thinking dualistically, that for us to be right, others must be wrong and they must be the scapegoats and then eliminated. This is not the message of tolerance or that of an ethical thinking person. What can we do to stop thinking and acting dualistacally? We must enter and find our true self, our authentic self and perhaps the best way to do this is through contemplation and meditation.

There are many tools, one that I find helpful is the work of Richard Rohr, CFM. He has written books, “Everything Belongs”, “Adam’s Rerturn” and his latest book, “The Naked Now.” He is just one and ther are others, but we at The American Institute of Ethics believe it is time to find your true self and work to rid our world of dualism.

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