Rebuilding Ethics

Rebuilding Ethics In a Changing World

Talking about personal values and ethics goes beyond the work place. How does a person in a work place make decisions with both ethics and responsibility in mind? Why do some people more easily accept responsibility for their decisions and actions? How can an employer assist employees to become more accountable and aware of their ethical decision making?

AIE’s Rebuilding Trust in a Changing World workshop will assist your employees defining their personal ethical framework and make solving ethical dilemmas easier using our engaging, interactive tools and techniques. This program offers a highly visible accountability tool that will reaffirm individual’s commitments to ethical practices.

These concepts introduce a primary new thinking and new ways for making sound ethical decisions. To complement this process interactive case studies tailored to the indusdustry and decision making tools such as the ethics question cycle and set-by-step guidelines for developing a personal code of ethics are presented.

Workbooks are provided to deepen the learning and act as a resource when ethical dilemmas arise. Half day full day, retreat and e-learning customized workshop formats are available. AIE’s workshop focuses on resolving the “Crisis of Trust” and building stronger relationships today.

The Rebuilding Ethics in a Changing World Online Course is $100. We do offer group discounts for orders of 16 or more. Please contact us at for group rates.

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