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There are no words to express the horror and shock about what happened last Saturday. The killing of six innocent people,, the wounding of at least 10 others including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. We have seen too much of this type of violence, slaughter and grief in recent years. Since whe did we decide that a gun was a ethod or resolving differences.

The shooter is probably suffering from some serious mental instability, but that is not an excuse. What happened is truly sickening and abhorrent, but what oncerns me and The American Institute of Ethics is what is happening now.

We are finding parties on all sides of the political spectrum blaming the other side for what happened. We have spoken from this forum before about toning down the hate and ugliness that seems to permeate and control our political dialogue. I and neither does anyone else know what motivated this person to do what he did; but the ugly and violent rhetoric certainly did not dissuade him from his mission.

Then there is the issue of our laws regarding guns. I really do not know what the answer is to controling the use of guns. Is it eliminating all private ownenrship of guns or passing new laws regarding registration and licensing and the handling of guns. It would appear that the laws in place in Arizona  were not enforced as this person with his mental condition and background should never been issued a permit for a gun.

In the final analysis, it is all of us who must share the blame. We allow our politicians to spount on endlessly without effect and we do not demand more from them. Our elected public servants are not enforcing the laws they passed on our behalf. This man, with his background and medical records should never have been issued a permit for a gun. You have to wonder how many more like him are out there. In many ways, we reap what we sow.

Wouldn’t it have been nice and very effective from our President on down if we heard after the fact and observed our nation, our political parties and our society as a whole coming together to mourn the dead, heal the sick and work together to put an end to this type of violence. I would like to think that we are more mature and a gentler people than to settle for this type of activity.

John Sequeira

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