Where is the common good in our Government?

By john · August 10, 2011 · Filed in AIE Blog Posts

Ihave watched and listened almost patiently over the last several weeks to our leaders discuss and debate our  financial situation. It is hard to conceive that a countnry founded on strong values can be so deadlocked and impotent. It would seem to me that there is almost no solution to our serious financial dilemna. When do our leaders from the top on down begin to consider all of us.

It does not matter what your political persuasion is, neither side seems either willing or able to get beyond their own ideology. As a country, we are not democrats, republicans, tea party people, conservative, liberal, progressive or any political persuasion. We are Americans, first, foremost and forever. We are bing treated as sheep or cattle that need to led around on a rope. It is as if we can not think for ourselves. Our leaders are so far away from any spiritual influence or thinkingm yet many will invoke religion to support their position.

Wde need to get back to the founding parentsof this country, who clearly understood what it meant to disagree or agree. They also understood what it meant to compromise when necessary to protect the people and promote and foster the common good for all.

We only need to read our Constitution and our Declaration of Independance to see where we are supposed to be headed. Reading and thinking about those documents shows how far we have to go to get back to reasonab le and sound thinking and government. The time is now; not in a partisan and bickering way, but in the aura of working towards what is best for the American people and not any individual, organization or ideology.

We, at The American Institute of Ethics want to see movement towards harmony, friendly discourse, no name calling and most of all respect for everyone in the process, whether or not we agree or disagree. Peace to all of you.

John Sequeira, President

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