Youth Empowerment

AIE’s Solution to Empower Youth

The American Institute of Ethics is dedicated to providing resources that foster open discussion of relevant ethical issues with youth in an engaging manner. We have learned from dialogue with a diverse cross section of Bay Area students that a significant desire to dissect ethical challenges is currently not being met. AIE intends to proactively help meet this need in creative ways that promote understanding, empowerment and collaborative problem solving.

AIE designs interactive activities for students that illustrate real world conflicts. We conduct unique exercises that address ethical dilemmas while assisting with sharing knowledge and experience. For example, several AIE members attended Rotary’s Camp Enterprise RYLA program at the YMCA Point Bonita for a talented group of juniors and seniors from twenty high schools. We customized the curriculum to revolve around student designed business plans that emphasize ethical business practices and the potential ramifications of various actions. The students challenged their assumptions and pushed one another to make informed decisions that were fair to all concerned.

AIE partners with schools and groups that share our mission to develop materials and conduct trainings. AIE provides this service at no cost to eligible organizations as part of our not-for-profit organizational mission. Please contact us if your organization is interested in working with us.

To sign up for a Free scenario exercise with an ethical dilemma designed for high school students please click here. AIE is open to collaboration, input and feedback to strengthen these tools. Please contact us if you are interested in AIE membership, investing in these valuable activities or contributing in any way to this youth empowerment program. Corporate sponsors and individual donors are sought to expand this program to serve more students.